Keep Those 80's Properties Coming!

For a better part of my childhood, I thought I wanted to be Michael Knight. Turns out, what I really wanted to be was a Knight Rider -- not a Michael Knight -- just a driver, with my very own KITT (short for "Knight Industries Two Thousand").

I still vividly remember having my photo taken while sitting inside the real-life KITT (could've been a replica in hindsight) in Universal Studios and thinking how great it would be to go home with this really smart car, who could talk to you and jump over obstacles with his "Turbo Boost".

So a new KITT (and what a sexy car it is) is slated to debut on the big screen in 2008. Could a new Michael Knight be in tow (assuming it's still him)? I'll be damned if it's still "The Hoff", though I'm quite sure he'll have a cameo at the very least.

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