Photoblog - Mheng's Despidida

Some pictures from my former officemate and gym buddy Mheng's despidida at Bacolod Chicken - Robinson's Pioneer last Tuesday, January 11, 2005. He left for London on Wednesday, January 12, 2005. Good luck and more power to you, bro! We'll miss you.

Pics taken with the old, reliable 3200 as usual.

Mheng: Despidida Boy.
Rachel: Vavavoom Favorite Female #1Trixie: Vavavoom Favorite Female #2
Jesse: The Body, The Frenzy, Modelo Primero!Rostum: Needs a haircut...and a shower.
Ronnel: Brown clown.Concon: Shhh...she walks by night.
Veena: Skinhead Lover.Len: Third Shift Killer.
Ceejay: Shaggy's Girl.Shaggy: Ceejay's Boy.
Emily: Founder, "Forever Friends of Jesse" fanclub.Rej: German knockout.
Brixter: Already legal.Me: Space filler.


Photoblog - Weekend at Jon Z's 2005

Last night marked our return to the Instituto Zuluaga, after about a year of absence, for the much anticipated Weekend at Jon Z's 2005. The "Weekend" was in celebration of Brother Jon's return from Spain, at the same time, a farewell gathering for Brother Gerwin, who flew back to Hong Kong today. As all WEAJZ's would have it, "a good time was had by all".

Some pictures, taken with the trusty 3200.

Jon Z.: Balikbayan.Zane: Jungle Queen.
Gerwin: Balikbayan Part 2.Charlie: Furniture supplier.
Bryan: Do not mix with alcohol.Richard: The Healthy Life Bunny.
Djong: Ex-ka-puso, current ka-pilates.Ping: Steven Seagal.
Chester: Artist Serenader Extraordinaire.Tish: Still Tish.
Pi: The Goddess Kurdapya.Pats: Ms. International.
Mitch: Housemate 1.Pao: Housemate 2.
Peejay: Mentor.Maan: Mrs. Mentor.
Koryn: Mommy.Ivan: Rich Bastard.
Toffer: Super Thesismate of Death.Me: Nefut.


Welcome, Goldenbhoy!

May the Good Lord have mercy on the blogging world. He he he.

Drop by The Showroom and show him a little love, folks.

Bry, you've been sidebarred. To our good looks...and sexy bodies!


Getting Off On The Right Foot

There's an old superstition about doing (or not doing) certain things during the first day of the year, if (or unless) you intend to do (or not do) those things in for the remainder of the year. I've never believed in that. But maybe I'm a lot more superstitious than I'd like to admit, that's why I'm writing this right now. I want to start the year right, not just with the whole blogging thing (two posts in December is an awfully sad sight, and probably a bad way to end 2004), but with a whole lot of other things.

So here's a little checklist to help plot things out:

  1. I will start drawing again. Draw for fun, the way I used to back in highschool and college, and find peace with my style.

  2. I will reach my ideal weight. And will not just reach it, I will also maintain it. I will look and feel good in the process.

  3. I will do better at work, hone my skills, learn additional supporting skills, and I will feel good about my achievements. I will be patient and take things as they come.

  4. I will enjoy life, have fun with my friends and with my loved ones, and smile and laugh more.
Cheers to a fruitful and wonderful 2005!