The Day After Tomorrow

Thanks to the powers that be at Pi's good office, she and I were able to catch an advanced (free) screening of The Day After Tomorrow at the Rockwell Cinemas last night. I had really low expectations from this movie after seeing the likes of Independence Day and The Perfect Storm. So imagine my surprise when this turned out to be one of the better films I've seen so far this year.

It's actually pretty good, contrary to how boring and cliche the trailer has promoted it to be. The screenplay is intense, and though a significant part of it is dominated by breathtaking special effects (the likes of which you have never seen before), the film still maintains an excellent level of realism. Writer/Director Roland Emmerich and his team have obviously put a lot of effort in researching and accurately incorporating the scientific bases for the story. But more than the CGI and the script is the fact that no other movie in recent memory has ever gone to such great lengths to stress the very important task of taking care of the environment for future generations. It is this underlying message that makes The Day After Tomorrow all the more worth watching.

I give this movie a 4/5.



What the hell is Jinggoy Estrada doing in the "Magic 12" (final lineup of Senator-elects)? It's a wonder why he was ever allowed to run in the first place, considering he is charged with plunder and is only out on bail. (Well, this isn't the first time criminals have been voted in to office. Remember Romeo Jalosjos? He was convicted of statutory rape a few years back, but still won as Congressman of Zamboanga del Norte. And I read he still pretty much calls the shots though behind bars.) Oh, let's not forget that Jinggoy Estrada's mother is already a Senator. If that doesn't scream "Conflict Of Interest" right at your face, it don't know what else does. Whatever law we have against political dynasties (that is, if we even have one), is obviously eaten by families like Estrada's for breakfast. There are only three words to describe this kind of crap:

Really Fucking Stupid.


Every Little Thing

Let me in
To see you in the morning light
To get me on and all along the tears they come
See all come
I want you to believe in life
But I get the strangest feeling that you've gone away
Will you find out who you are too late to change?
I wish I could be
Every little thing you wanted
All the time
I wish I could be
Every little thing you wanted
All the time
Some times

Lift me up
Just lift me up don't make a sound
And let me hold you up before you hit the Ground
See all come
You say your all right
But I get the strangest feeling
That you've gone away - you've gone away
And will you find out who you are too late to change?

I wish I could be
Every little thing you wanted
All the time
I wish I could be
Every little thing you wanted
All the time
Some times

Don't give me up
Don't give me up tonight
Or soon nothing will be right at all
Will you find out who you are too late to change?

I wish I could be
Every little thing you wanted

~ Dishwalla


Happy 34th Monthsary, Pi. 'Love you.


New Look

Let me know what you think. You know I always appreciate the feedback.



From Gerwin, Jon, and Zane:

Current mood - Gamma-radiated.
Current music - Maroon 5 and Initial D OST.
Current taste - Beef Tapa.
Current hair - Barber's cut.
Current clothes - Office uniform (dark blue checkered long sleeves, gray slacks).
Current annoyance - Being in the office after 10PM.
Current smell - Johnson's Baby Cologne.
Current thing I ought to be doing - Working.
Current desktop picture - Toyota AE86 Trueno
Current favorite bands - Dishwalla, Maroon 5.
Current book - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.
Current cd in stereo - Don't have a cd player...yet.
Current hate - See current annoyance.

Missed Me?

Such a long time ago when I updated the old blog (as of this writing, it has taken me approximately 20 minutes to decide on the next sentence). I'm getting real rusty. And it's not a very good feeling at all.

Anyway, you'd think the absence has given me ample time to stack up on a number of postable posts by now, but the truth is my life between the last post (April 22) and today has been nothing but OT. Horrible choice for a topic if you ask me. Besides, I've never really been one to talk about the details of my job here. Wouldn't want to be fired, you know? Sensitive information and all that. And it'll be boring anyway.

But it does feel refreshing to be blogging again. It's a welcome break from the hellish life I've lived for the past 3 weeks or so (my partner left for the States last April 28 for a month's worth of vacation and will be back on the 5th of June, I have since been left to cover ALL of her tasks on top of my own list of regular things to do...that's my luck for you). So much has changed. For one thing, I've lost a significant amount of weight, which I attribute more to the stress I'm in than to my choice of reduced food intake, Pi's been going home earlier than I have, Tita Maripi's bought a dog, and Blogger has a new look. Yes, I have been "away" that long.

Oh well, here's hoping my luck changes in the next couple of days. I missed this.