The Air Up There


Getting my Kung Fu on in San Juan, La Union last January 21, 2007. Thanks to Rofil Magto for the excellent shot.



So, Blogger has apparently graduated from Beta. *clap clap clap* And I wouldn't even have known about it had I not been over to Jon's blog and seen his high praises for my enthusiasm to keep this site updated (you may refer to his sidebar just in case you're not getting what I'm talking about). I'd very much like to blame the earthquake in Taiwan for depriving me of internet access and the resulting lack of updates, but seeing as my previous post was on July 24 -- 2006 -- doing so seems rather lousy, if not pathetic (not to mention insensitive).

Anyway, just bumping up (or down, whatever floats your boat) the last entry, try to give the old blog a fresh look (wow, ganda a!). I played around with the new features a bit, hence the slightly altered look (yes, it's been altered!), but it seems another revamp is in order. I guess an overhaul will give me the motivation to keep on doing this. I love to write, it keeps me sharp, and it's good practice for my English (especially now since...well, that's a story for another time). I'm just lazy sometimes.

Actually, I'm lazy most of the time.

Ah, Laziness, Procrastination! My favorite sins. It's time I did something about those.