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So, I'm supposed to write 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people the number of minutes it takes me to write the facts. Game.

  1. I was born in Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia.
  2. Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot.
  3. I haven't drawn anything in over a year.
  4. I've studied Karate, Jeet Kune Do, and Wushu but didn't last long enough to master any of them.
  5. I consider the July 16, 1990 earthquake the most terrifying day of my life.
  6. I contracted typhoid fever when I was in 3rd grade.
  7. I have formally courted only three women in my lifetime.
  8. I've failed one subject in my history as a student (Linear Algebra).
  9. Aside from comics, I also collect toys.
  10. I am a proud Mama's boy.
  11. Back in 1st grade, my mom caught a "love letter" I wrote for my crush in my backpack.
  12. "Sige, mag-asawa ka na! 'Wag ka nang mag-aral! (Go ahead, get married! Don't study anymore!)" are words I remember very well after the incident in number 11.
  13. I was so traumatized by number 12, I never talked to my mom again about any of my crushes.
  14. My crushes in grade school have always been part of the honor roll.
  15. My mom never knew Pi and I were together until way after our 1st month.
  16. I have never missed an issue of Ultimate Spider-Man.
  17. My four front teeth used to be just two huge ones.
  18. I am easily envious of people who can afford the things they want.
  19. I'm a pretty good dancer.
  20. I'm a virgin.
Tagging Concon, Adrian, Mon, Bryan, Ia, and Pao (I didn't write the facts in six minutes, I just ran out of people to tag).


Breakfast of Champions

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOr in my case, the Snack of champions.

This killer combo of a meal has been a regular part of my daily diet for over three months now (I eat a sandwich as my 2nd and 4th meals). Not only has this helped me shed off more pounds (as of my last trip to the scale, I lost another 10), it helps me get through the rest of each day by giving me that extra boost of energy I need (Lily's and Gardenia should pay me). Plus, I am huge, HUGE peanut butter addict. Give me anything with peanut butter and I'll eat it.

That should explain the whole "Happiness is Peanut Butter" status in my YM. :)

Best part about all this is it's helped me save...this 120-peso investment actually lasts me a week.


This is also actually my first attempt at food photography using the new toy. The composition's, admittedly, quite pathetic, but I guess I've got to start somewhere.

While I'm on the subject of photography, allow me this shameless plug and say that I've just set up a new account in Flickr.com. It's a pretty cool site for newbie professional shutter bugs alike. I'm still debating whether I should get a pro account or not. It really seems like a good investment though, especially if I plan on making a hobby out of this. I'll probably need a week to think about it. Meantime, feel free to drop by, view, and comment on the few photos I've uploaded.



Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

When you let your girlfriend hold your camera, prepare to (literally) face the consequences. Taken at Tai Hing (our new favorite Chinese place, along Makati Avenue) while "fixing" my face for a couple of shots.



Back from the Dead

The title couldn't be more apt (I remember one or two of you might have already used said title before, so I hope you don't mind if I swipe it from you just this once). This blog's literally been buried for the better part of two months (last post was on August 8). I was actually quite surprised (and of course, very, very thankful) that the Powers-That-Be at Blogger haven't decommissioned me yet. But the biggest of thanks (and sincerest of apologies) go out to those of you who've stuck (or at least tried to stick) with me throughout the silence, ye regular visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of what might be an honest-to-goodness update.

Truth is I sort of just lost the time, and a little bit of the drive, to write. What with the tons of stuff now occupying my plate at work nowadays and all, I guess it's bound to happen. Yeah, yeah, "same old excuse", I know. But this was actually different from any other time I abandoned this blog. A long time ago, it all just seemed to be automatic. I didn't need a sudden rush of inspiration to write anything that was worth writing. The thoughts just came. But up 'til last most, it all just felt like a chore. I didn't want to feel hassled by it all (which is actually pretty sad when you think of it). Simply put, I lost the momentum. This would have been a whole different story if I could have blogged from my place. That's why blessed are those who have internet access at home, for they shall be able to blog without the hassle.

Anyway, you might be wondering: If I'm so busy, what the heck I'm doing here now? Well, I'm not busy. I, thankfully, have time (and something actually substantial to write about). So I figured, maybe it's about time I got the ball rolling again...start re-building the momentum. What's more, I have a new toy that will definitely help me do just that:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe Nefut's Weapon of Choice. Canon Powershot G3, previously owned by an officemate, in excellent condition, with 256MB CF, two Li-ion batteries, cables, software, etc. P16K, 8 months to pay, 0% interest.