"As in the case of making a mound, if, before the very last basketful, I stop, then I shall have stopped. As in the case of leveling the ground, if, though tipping only one basketful, I am going forward, then I shall be making progress."

~ Confucius

Ejay Returns

Following a mysterious absence of several months, the Man from the mountains comes back to Earth in the epic post "Ejay Returns", a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world’s most inconsistent bloggers. While a three-year old job plots to render him "postless" once and for all, the woman he loves, Pi Santiago, has remained hopeful for his blogging and drawing life.

Moving on...

Look familiar? This is a photo (5 different photos, actually, photomerged using Photoshop CS2) of my second jump into the cool waters of Tali Beach in Batangas, taken by the talented Mr. Jugo.

I'll post more photos from that trip...er...soon.

Superman Returns

Official movie description:

"Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action-adventure Superman Returns, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world’s most beloved superheroes. While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life."

In what seemed to be further affirmation of my belief that I have, indeed, become a luckier man, I won two tickets to the advanced screening of this year's most anticipated film. Worry not, my friends. Spoilers do not abound in this post.

Five words: Brian Singer is my hero.

It's been 26 years since the last, great Superman movie (Superman II, 1980). That's an awfully long window, what with the advent of new technology in movies in the last decade or so. Some big questions were raised, naturally: Can anyone take the place of the great Christopher Reeve? How can you revive a practically dead franchise after the mess left by the forgettable Superman III and IV? Well, after 26 long years, the wait is finally over. You've probably read the rave reviews about how great "Returns" is. I'm telling you now, it's well worth the hype. From start to finish, Superman Returns is evidently, more than anything, a labor of tremendous love. A well-thought-of story, an amazing cast (Brandon Routh owns the role now), great cinematography, and fantastic, geek-gasmic special effects (you will believe a man can fly).

The Man of Steel has been away for too long, and the world has obviously missed him. But he's back! And I guarantee, nothing will prepare you for what you are about to see.