Oh, Goodie...A Post!

(Squeezing in some blog time while I wait for these reports to finish).

I think I've just set a new blogger record: Most number of days gone without a single post.

47 days, dammit! Now that is bloody depressing. So much for Getting Off On The Right Foot. *Sigh*

I can't believe I've been quiet for the whole of February (which just happens to be my favorite time of the year). I mean, what can you not write about during this month? (Apparently, plenty in my case.) Anyway, a lot's happened in the time between this and my last update (God knows how much I've used that damn line), and I'm really hoping time permits me to talk about all of them in the coming days. I've got a bunch of Photoblogs to cook up so I'll probably start from there.

Thanks (and apologies) are in order to those who still have the patience to regularly check this here blog for updates. I promise, I'll try my very best not to disappoint next time.