I Almost Ran Over Somebody Today...

...motorcycle driver.

He fell off his bike, right in front of my car's path! Just stepped on the brakes in the nick of time (burned-off a good few inches from my tires in the process). By the time my car was at a full stop, the guy's head was this close (*forms estimate of an inch and a half with hand*) to my front bumper. FREAKIN' SCARY!!!

You know why the guy fell off his motorcycle? He ran into a pedestrian, who, for some reason, panicked at the sight of the incoming bike and patintero-ed (I have know other way to describe it) with it in the middle of the damn road. Do you know when two people coming from opposite directions walk into each other and side-step in the same direction for a few times before the other decides to give way (i.e. tarantanggo)? Think of that, but replace "two people" with "motorcycle driver and dumb-ass pedestrian".

What a way to start my day.

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